You have questions?

We have answers!

Q. What type of event can I hold at Flat 51?

A. The possibilities are endless! Bridal showers, baby showers, intimate weddings, birthday parties, health & wellness events, pop-up shows, private dinner parties, pre-ceremony primping, art shows, corporate meetings, you name it. For events over 20 people, there is a 3 hour minimum rental.

Q. How do I book an event? 

A. Please fill out the contact form. We will check availability and reply within 24 hours. Rentals are first come, first serve based on signed agreement and payment in full. We require all renters schedule an appointment to stop by the space for a quick tour. We do not rent the Flat site unseen as there are some general housekeeping, parking and lockbox details we prefer to review in person.

Q. Can I bring in my own food and drink?

A. Yes, absolutely! We even have a mid size fridge and microwave.

Q. Are tables and chairs included?

A. Yes! We currently have 4 white tables (each measuring 49 1/4" x 29 1/2") and one gray folding banquet table. There is enough seating for 32 people. You are welcome to bring in extra tables and chairs if needed. 

Q. Can I set-up in advance of my event?

A. We let renters into the space at the designated start time indicated on the agreement. Please take set-up, tear-down and clean up time into account when determining rental hours needed. 

Q. Any housekeeping rules?

Y. Yes! Please sweep the floor, turn out all lights, return tables and chairs to their original spot (there is a video on our Instagram), lock the door and take out the trash before leaving. There is a dumpster on the side of the building. Due to building fire code, nothing can be placed in the hallways before, during or after events. 

Q. Do you have parking?

A. We do! And it's FREE! We have visitor spots in our lot (please refrain from parking in a numbered space) and there is free parking on neighboring streets.

Q. Do you have an elevator?

A. Sure do! And a loading ramp for easy event set-up and handicap accessibility.

Q. What other cool stuff do you have that I can use?

A. We have free WiFi, a powerful Bluetooth speaker, five floor length mirrors, string lights, and seven sets of electrical outlets.

Q. Can I control the temperature in the Flat?

A. Yep! Heat and AC is controlled by you.

Q. I'd love to have pictures taken in Flat 51 (personal, corporate, brand, product, etc.)

A. Great, we'd be happy to help. Both of the Flat 51 co-owners are photographers! Read more about us or inquire on our contact form if you'd like more information.

Q. Is there anything I can't bring into Flat 51?

A. Glitter, confetti, and illegal drugs. Sorry.

We also do not allow command strips on the brick walls, however there are permanent hooks around the room. Feel free to use packing or duct tape if you have additional items to hang.

Q. What if I have to pee?

A. You're in luck, there are restrooms down the hall.